Currently, GOPROXY and SDK are available in both free and commercial versions.

Function Free |Commercial   
TCP forwarding
UDP forwarding
Socks5 Agent
Socks5 proxy UDP support
SPS Integrated Agent
SPS superior certification
Intranet penetration
DNS proxy, anti-pollution, independent DNS service
HTTP(S) proxy authentication, authentication API, load balancing ×
SOCKS5 proxy authentication, authentication API, load balancing ×
SPS proxy authentication, authentication API, load balancing ×
STOP&ONLY blacklist and whitelist ×
Client IP blacklist and whitelist ×
Check for updates, failed to exit × ×
Single machine process limit × ×
Manual full function ×
Need network authentication ×
Speed ​​limit function ×
http/socks5/tcp fllow IP ×
Target connection redirection ×
Free update to more features of the commercial version ×
http(s)\socks\sps, superior ws/wss support path and independent encryption ×
Limit user or ip traffic rate ×
Limit user or ip connections count ×
API dynamic upstream ×
socks5/http(s)/sps/tcp/udp listen on range ports support ×

There are two types of commercial licenses

  1. Program and machine binding, single machine mode authorization, charge for machine code.

  2. The program is not bound to the machine, authorized code mode authorization, and charged for the authorization code.

Commercial version uses:

  1. Go to the authorization platform to register a user.

  2. If you use the machine code authorization method, the first execution: proxy http , then waiting for it exit, and then it will generate an id.txt file in the current directory, which is the machine code of the current machine. If it is sdk, the MacCode method can be called to get the current machine. Machine code; then purchase card secret code, go to the authorization platform background click menu to add machine code, input card secret code to complete the activation of the machine code, then click on the machine list in the menu, click on the list operation column modify, Fill in the machine code in id.txt into the machine code input box, and then save to complete the authorization.

  3. If it is authorized by the Authorization Code method, first purchase the authorization code, and then you will see your authorization code in the authorization platform. Add the authorization code parameter --authcode your_authorization_code to start the program. You can also set the environment variable LIC_AUTHCODE as the authorization code. If the parameter --authcode is not used, the program tries to obtain the authorization from the environment variable LIC_AUTHCODE. code. If it is sdk, the start method has an authorization code parameter, and the purchased authorization code can be used.


The commercial version will only check the authorization once online at the time of startup. It will not check the network again later. It will only be checked once the authorization code expires. If the authorization program cannot be successfully checked within 48 hours, it will exit. If the system finds that the user maliciously propagates its own ‘authorization code’, the official has the right to terminate the use of the authorization code and is not responsible for it.


Buy the commercial version, please email to : or telegram : arraykeys .

BTC and ETH are accepted.


GOPROXY Free Version VS Commercial Version img/btc.png

ETH ADDRESS: 0x0fA4c567768d2E59E6221152EA52F4842866AFC8

GOPROXY Free Version VS Commercial Version img/eth.png

Commercial Edition Trial

  1. Before purchasing the commercial version, you can try it for free for 7 days to determine if the GOPROXY Commercial Edition feature fit your needs.

  2. Trial steps: Log in to Authorization Platform -> My Machine Code -> Buy Online -> Click “Start Trial”.

Commercial Edition User Additional Benefits

1.the official free of charge provides simple technical guidance.

2.the commercial version of the user can put forward some commercial functional opinions, the official will evaluate the reasonableness of the opinions, etc. If the opinions are adopted, they will be added in the new version in the future.

3.the commercial version of the user can be updated to commercial version of the new version for free.

4.Commercial version download, open the download address below, the file name suffix in the download file list is: _commercial.tar.gz for the commercial version. Please download according to your own system. Download address:

5.Full Manual: New Manual:

Can’t access the authorized solution

The commercial version must be online authorized. If you are using the proxy, the server can access the Internet, but the proxy can not access to the authorization information. Can be solved as follows.

1. If your proxy machine can access the Internet, you can specify the DNS startup proxy because the machine DNS may not correctly resolve the updated domain name.

Linux startup command example:

LIC_DNS= ./proxy http -p :9090

Windows startup command example

./proxy.exe http -p :9090
2. If the proxy is not able to access the Internet directly in the internal network environment, you can start an http proxy on the machine that can access the Internet, and then use it for the proxy.

For example: The proxy is at and cannot access the Internet directly.

The machine can access the Internet at, then it can be started on the machine:

./proxy http -p :8080 -q

Start the command above

LIC_PROXY= ./proxy http -p :9090

3. If the intranet has a ready-made http proxy, then you don’t need to start a proxy yourself in the 2 steps. LIC_PROXY can use the ready-made http proxy directly.